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Death Note FTW
Honoring the awesomeness of Death Note
24th-Jun-2010 05:14 pm - L's Theme on piano

The sheet music for L's Theme. It's in 27/16 and 14/16 time, for some strange reason. I mean really, why couldn't he just switch between smaller time signatures more often to make it easier to read? But it makes me happy anyway, and it makes me want to learn to play it on the piano...

Originally posted on April 8, 2010

L's Theme, transcribed by Josh Agarrado
24th-Jun-2010 05:07 pm - The Warrior of Light

L: I just discovered there's another character out there called Light! I want a crossover!

wow...i posted that at 1 in the morning, and didn't really explain it well. I was on DeviantArt reading a comic about Dissidia and couldn't understand why they were talking about Death Note. After staring at the screen for a little while with that blank, glassy gaze one can only acheive at 1 a.m., I realized they were talking about the Warrior of Light, the hero from the original FF game. Since they guy doesn't have a name besides the Warrior of Light, fans call him WoL...or Light. So now I want to see Light vs. Light. Pretty sure Light would win...

Marcinda: Of course Light Yagami would win. He's way more badass than some ponce with a sword.

L: but...the Warrior of Light doesn't have a name...

Originally posted on March 23, 2010

24th-Jun-2010 05:05 pm - Video: Interview - Kenichi & Tatsuya

After seeing this video, I have decided my new goal in life is to hang out with Kenichi Matsuyama and Tatsuya Fujiwara (I mean that might have been a goal before, due to DN. Now it's due to the fact that they're made of win).
Anyway, I had to share this vid because of the fan service. Or something...
Let's just say, someone put's their hand on someone's knee and those someones are two different people.
Japanese TV, you're made of crack, and I love you!

Translation by Tomaka0013Collapse )

Originally posted by L on March 22, 2010

24th-Jun-2010 04:56 pm - Video: Light Yagami feels FABULOUS!

Talk about unfitting music.

Originally posted on March 21, 2010

24th-Jun-2010 04:53 pm - Video: Matt is Speed Racer

He's a demon on wheels.

Originally posted on March 21, 2010

24th-Jun-2010 04:08 pm - Video: Death Note - Eat It

If the order is to eat something, L is happy to comply.

Originally posted on March 21, 2010

24th-Jun-2010 04:06 pm - Video: Can't Touch Me - Death Note

Light's got diplomatic immunity.

Originally posted on March 21, 2010

"We swear to you, you're going to be okay." (Snicker, snicker.)

Originally posted on March 21, 2010

24th-Jun-2010 04:01 pm - Video: Matsuda is NOT A SISSY

You tell 'em, Matsuda!

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24th-Jun-2010 03:59 pm - Video: Prisoner's note to L

Damn you, Kira!

Originally posted on March 21, 2010

The human whose name is written in this note shall die.